Bonia Shur

Bonia Shur

A life of survival, self-discovery, creativity & love.

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  1. Visit Transcontinental Music as several of his more popular works are published there.
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N.B.: All music prices listed here at are for licenses. Once purchased, you may make as many copies of the work for yourself or your institution (Synagogue, Church, Choir, Orchestra, etc.) as you like. The license does not, however, transfer from one institution with another or one individual to another. In facing the realities of the music publishing world, this makes a lot more sense to me than charging "per copy" fees. (The musicaneo receipt will tell you otherwise by default. Just ignore that) 

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Каталог нот


Новые ноты
Ki Atah Ta'ir Neiri
Духовная музыка / Ханука
Sim Shalom for the High Holy Days
Духовная музыка / Иудейская
Hodu Ladonai Ki Tov (Psalm 118)
Духовная музыка / Иудейская
Aleinu (Adoration)
Духовная музыка / Иудейская
Kedusha for Shabbat Morning
Духовная музыка / Иудейская
Kol Haneshamah (Psalm 150)
Классика / Хоровая музыка
Kol Nidrei for Violin Solo
Духовная музыка / Иудейская
Spanish. Mah Tovu (with additional instruments)
Духовная музыка / Иудейская
Spanish. Mah Tovu
Духовная музыка / Иудейская
As A Child
Классика / Вокальная музыка